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The Endocannabinoid System




The endocannabinoid system is also called the ECS. It is a vast network of cells, tissues, and chemicals. It serves as the body’s primary system for internal homeostasis. Basically, the ECS tells the body how to regulate itself. The ECS consists of the endocannabinoids (the natural compounds that activate the system), their receptors, and the molecules that synthesize and break down these chemicals. The ECS has a variety of functions, including the regulation of immune responses, the control of pain and inflammation, and the maintenance of the body’s internal environment. It also affects the body’s response to external stimuli, such as the cannabinoids found in cannabis.

The Endocannabinoid System, AKA The ECS

The Endocannabinoid System, AKA The ECS

Cannabis interacts with the ECS by binding to cannabinoid receptors on cells and influencing the production and activity of endocannabinoids and other molecules involved in the system. This interaction is responsible for the wide range of effects cannabis has on the body, including pain relief, regulating blood sugar and blood pressure, and a feeling of well-being. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system has revolutionized the field of cannabis research. In addition, the current knowledge about the ECS has led to the development of cannabis-based medications used to treat various medical conditions.

General Image Depicting the relation of Anatomy and the Endocannabinoid System

General Image Depicting the relation of Anatomy and the Endocannabinoid System

There are two primary receptors on the ECS, the CB1, and CB2. CB1 receptors are mostly in the brain. This is because many brain cells contain it, including neurons related to pain perception, mood, and movement control. Like the CB1 receptors, the CB2 receptors sit outside cell membranes and prevent molecules from entering the cell. In addition, several receptors are found in peripheral tissues, including the immune system and some parts of the brain, where they regulate pain and inflammation.

A Depiction of The Relation of the CB1 and CB2 Receptors of the Endocannabinoid System

A Depiction of The Relation of the CB1 and CB2 Receptors of the Endocannabinoid System

The cannabis plant contains a variety of compounds, some of which are cannabinoids and others of which are non-cannabinoid compounds. The cannabinoids from a plant are referred to as phytocannabinoids. This includes the well-known psychoactive compound THC and the non-psychoactive compound CBD. Cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC also interact with the ECS, but not in a way that would make a person high. It is currently unknown whether these non-cannabinoid compounds can interact with the endocannabinoid system. Additional cannabinoids will likely be discovered as cannabis research evolves.

Cannabis Contains Cannabinoids that Interact with the Endocannabinoid System

Cannabis Contains Cannabinoids that Interact with the Endocannabinoid System

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Kief Studio Breaks Into AI with Qurtoo: A No-BS Approach to Prompt Engineering

Qurtoo is about making AI and prompt engineering as easy as rolling a joint.





Kief Studio™ Unveils Qurtoo: Revolutionizing Prompt Engineering for All
Kief Studio™ Unveils Qurtoo: Revolutionizing Prompt Engineering for All

Qurtoo from Kief Studio is Bringing Clarity to AI with Affordable, Expert-Led Training Sessions

Kief Studio™ Drops Qurtoo: The Real Deal in AI Training

Hey, it’s Hippy here, the same guy you know from Stoner.Boston, and also the COO of Kief Studio™. We just launched Qurtoo, and let me tell you, it’s not just another AI gimmick. In just a month, this beast has reeled in over 400 folks who are done with the AI runaround. Qurtoo is our answer to the overcomplicated world of prompt engineering – we’re making it straightforward, practical, and something you can actually get your head around, whether you’re hustling in the business world or just geeking out over tech.

Here’s the deal with Qurtoo: We’re offering free training to get you started, but the real magic happens in the paid tier. This is where we deep dive into the stuff that matters – advanced prompt engineering, personalized one-on-one sessions, or team huddles, whatever floats your boat. And hey, we’re not leaving the non-profits in the dust; special rates are part of the package. Qurtoo’s training starts at $299 an hour, and trust me, it’s a small price for the edge you’re getting.

The Power Duo Behind Qurtoo: Meelie and Hippy from Kief Studio™

Let’s dive into who’s driving Qurtoo. First, meet Meelie, CEO of Kief Studio and the brain behind Qurtoo’s vision. She’s not your everyday CEO – she’s a powerhouse combining art, psychology, writing, and coding into dynamite brand strategies. Her arsenal includes certifications in Art Therapeutic Life Coaching and Positive Psychology, plus a knack for tech languages. Meelie’s approach? She’s all about injecting creativity into tech, transforming how we interact with digital and physical media. With Qurtoo, she’s challenging the status quo, ensuring technology isn’t just functional – it’s got flair.

Then there’s me, Hippy, COO of Kief Studio and one of the Stoner.Boston hosts. I’m the guy who mixes up music, video, writing, tech, and data into a killer combo. My background’s as eclectic as it gets – think Cannabis studies, Project Management, and Holistic Herbalism. I’m not just about keeping the wheels turning; I’m about making them spin in style. At Qurtoo, I ensure we’re not just following tech trends – we’re setting them. We’re here to make AI not just smart, but also fun and accessible. Together, Meelie and I aren’t just running the show; we’re rewriting the script on how AI and prompt engineering can be leveraged in the real world.

Qurtoo: Smashing AI Complexities, One Session at a Time

So, what’s Qurtoo really about? Let’s cut through the buzzwords. At its core, Qurtoo is about making AI and prompt engineering as easy as rolling a joint. Think of it as your personal AI training ground – no fluff, just the good stuff. We’re kicking off with free training because, hell, everyone deserves to get a taste of what AI can do. But the real kicker is our paid tier. This is where you get down and dirty with the advanced tactics, the kind of skills that set you apart in the digital jungle.

The deal is simple – $299 an hour gets you into the ring with us, either one-on-one or with your crew. And it’s not just about giving you a fish; we’re teaching you how to fish in the vast AI ocean. We’re talking custom sessions tailored to your needs, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a tech newbie, or a team from a non-profit. Yeah, you heard that right – we’re throwing special rates for non-profits because making a difference shouldn’t break the bank. At Qurtoo, it’s not just about learning; it’s about mastering the art of AI to play the game your way.

No-Nonsense AI: The Qurtoo Philosophy

Here’s the straight dope on Qurtoo’s philosophy. We’re here to strip down AI to its bare essentials, making it something you can actually use, not just gawk at. It’s like turning on a light in a dark room – suddenly, all the AI jargon that sounded like gibberish starts making sense. Our mission is to take the “intimidating” out of AI and replace it with “intuitive.” Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned tech vet, Qurtoo’s got your back.

Our approach is no-nonsense, hands-on, and all about results. We’re not just throwing theory at you; we’re diving into real-world applications. You know how some folks talk a big game but can’t walk the walk? That’s not us. We’re about walking you through the AI maze, showing you every trick and shortcut we know. We believe in AI that’s not just for the Silicon Valley elites – it’s for everyone. Whether it’s streamlining your business, jazzing up your content, or just satisfying your tech curiosity, Qurtoo is your ticket to becoming an AI whisperer.

Free Tier Insights from Qurtoo

Alright, let’s break down some killer content from Qurtoo’s free tier. These aren’t your average AI how-tos; they’re goldmines for anyone looking to get serious with AI without dropping a dime.

  1. The Principle of Reciprocity in Prompt Design
    • Article Link: Mastering the Art of Conversation with AI
    • What’s It About: Ever chat with someone and it just clicks? That’s what we’re aiming for with AI. This article dives into making your AI chats a two-way street, not just you barking orders. It’s about turning your AI interactions from simple commands to engaging, dynamic conversations, especially crucial in business settings.
    • Why It Rocks: It’s all about elevating your AI game from basic transactions to real talks. We’re unpacking how to get your AI to not just listen but respond in ways that amp up your business or creative projects.
  2. The Trigger-Word Technique: Focusing Your Creative Process
    • Article Link: The Power of a Single Word
    • What’s It About: Picture this: two prompts, one’s okay, the other’s killer. The difference? One word. This piece explores how trigger words – those juicy, specific terms – can totally transform your AI prompts. It’s about sharpening your creative process, whether you’re spinning stories or brainstorming business ideas.
    • Why It Rocks: Trigger words are like seasoning for your AI dish. They take bland to grand, making your AI outputs way more flavorful and focused.
  3. The Power of ‘What If’ Prompts: Sparking Creativity
    • Article Link: Sparking Creativity with ‘What If’
    • What’s It About: Stuck on a project? This article’s your lifeline. It’s all about using ‘What If’ prompts to kickstart your brain and the AI’s creative juices. Ditch the generic, overused prompts and get into the stuff that actually gets attention and sparks new, exciting ideas.
    • Why It Rocks: It pushes you and the AI to think outside the box. Instead of the same old, same old, you’re exploring new territories, finding creative solutions that stand out. It’s about making the AI work for you in fresh, unexpected ways.

Each of these articles is packed with the kind of insights that turn AI interactions from mundane to mind-blowing. They’re perfect for anyone looking to up their AI game, whether in business, creativity, or just for the hell of it. And the best part? It’s all free on Qurtoo. Dive in and see how these techniques can revolutionize your approach to AI.

Our Invitation: Dive Into the World of AI with Qurtoo

Here’s the deal. Whether you’re a business looking to sharpen your AI edge, a creative soul wanting to explore the depths of AI artistry, or just someone curious about what the hell AI can really do, Qurtoo is your gateway. We’re not just talking about learning a few tricks. We’re talking about mastering the art of prompt engineering, making AI your partner in crime, not just a tool in your toolbox.

Weedly.FYI | 420 Friendly Links, Bio Pages, & Robust Analytics

So, what’s next? Simple. Hit up Qurtoo. Start with our free tier, get your feet wet with the basics. Then, when you’re ready to dive deeper, check out our paid sessions. Remember, we’re offering one-on-one and team training, tailored to what you need. And for the non-profits out there, we’ve got your back with special rates because changing the world shouldn’t cost you the world.

Think of Qurtoo as more than just a training platform. It’s a community, a movement, a shift in how we interact with technology. It’s about breaking down the barriers that make AI seem like some distant, complex giant and turning it into a friendly giant you can call on anytime. So, come on over. The future of AI is waiting, and it’s damn exciting. Let’s make some AI magic together.

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Introducing HippyTV by Kief Studio: The Ultimate Hub for Content Creators

HippyTV by Kief Studio offers services tailored for creators in the cannabis community and beyond. Dive in to find out how HippyTV can empower you.





HippyTV The Ultimate Hub for Content Creators

If you’re a content creator looking for a one-stop solution to all your creative needs, you’ve landed at the right place. HippyTV, by Kief Studio, is designed to empower creators across multiple platforms—YouTube, Twitch, X (formerly Twitter), Kick, TikTok, Instagram, Reels, and more. Let’s dive into what makes HippyTV an unparalleled choice for creators.

Empowering the Modern Creator

We get it. The world of content creation is vast, with ever-changing algorithms and trends. HippyTV is your compass in this maze, specifically tailored for creators in the cannabis community and those who share a passion for counterculture.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

  • Apparel and Artistry: Discover a collection of shirts and graphics that embody the spirit of our generation.
  • Video & Logo Services: Craft your story with our top-notch video and logo designs.
  • Streamlined Streaming: Get expert support for all your streaming needs, whether you use OBS, Streamlabs, Stream Elements, or more.
  • Digital Tools: Utilize our custom Discord bots to stay synced with your community at all times.

Why HippyTV is Your Best Bet

  1. Do It Right the First Time: From mod bots to E-commerce websites, we provide a full range of services so you can focus on what you do best—creating.
  2. SEO-Optimized Content: Improve your online visibility with our suite of SEO tools and guides.
  3. Community-Centric Approach: Grow a loyal and engaged fan base with our community management and growth strategies.
  4. Tailored Tutorials: Access easy-to-follow tutorials to unlock the full potential of your digital tools.
  5. Affiliate & Monetization Guidance: Turn your passion into a profession with our expert monetization strategies.

By the Numbers

  • Over 300 content creators served
  • More than 1,000 graphics and logos built
  • Over 500 videos and streams edited
About HippyTV

HippyTV is a full-service platform run by Kief Studio, offering marketing, design, programming, audio, video, and art solutions. What began as a Twitter service has now transformed into a comprehensive platform for content creators.

So, are you ready to take your content creation to the next level?

Click here to join the HippyTV family today!

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Cannabis Industry

Elon Musk: Twitter Should Allow Cannabis Ads

Twitter is known for being on the cutting edge of technology and popular culture. But there’s one thing missing from its advertising options- cannabis.





Elon Musk - Twitter Should Allow Cannabis Advertising

UPDATED! 2/15/2023

Enabling more brands to connect with the cannabis conversation (

Elon Musk, the Cannabis Industry needs Ads on Twitter. Twitter is known for being on the cutting edge of technology and popular culture. But there’s one thing missing from its advertising options- cannabis. In states where it’s legal, cannabis companies should have the opportunity to advertise their products on your platform just like any other business. It can be easily achieved by targeting an audience over 21 and only allowing ads in legal states.

Twitter Is Unique Ads Platform Owned by Elon Musk
Twitter Is Unique

Elon Musk, what do you say? It’s time to light this idea up.

Imagine the potential for innovative advertising through Twitter’s various features- promoted tweets with branded hashtags, creative gifs and videos, even sponsored moments curating tweets about a certain strain or product. If Twitter were to allow cannabis ads, it could open up a whole new market and potential revenue stream. So Elon Musk, what do you say? It’s time to light this idea up.

Allowing cannabis companies to advertise their products on Twitter

The cannabis industry is crying out for a savior and Twitter may just be the hero it needs. Allowing cannabis companies to advertise their products on Twitter would open the floodgates for new growth in the industry. Without advertising, companies have primarily relied on word-of-mouth and good press to drive sales. While successful in some cases, this can only do so much to aid losses that are spiraling into the billions.

Cannabis Companies are Losing Money, Cannabis Ads Can Fix Some Of This
Cannabis Companies Losing Money

Advertising, reaching customers who are already interested in cannabis products

Twitter offers a unique platform for targeted advertising, reaching customers who are already interested in cannabis products. This kind of targeted advertising could attract new consumers and boost revenue for struggling companies. It’s time for Twitter to step up and become the green beacon of hope for the cannabis industry.

It’s time for Twitter to take a leading role in connecting cannabis businesses and consumers

Twitter has long been known as a platform for sharing thoughts and opinions, and the cannabis industry is no exception. From consumers to medical experts to business owners, Twitter buzzes with discussion about all things cannabis. But with the market constantly evolving and new products being introduced, it’s time for Twitter to take a leading role in connecting businesses and consumers.

Sharing Ideas and Knowledge about Cannabis
Sharing Ideas and Knowledge

By allowing cannabis companies to advertise on the platform, Twitter can provide a space for innovative brands to share their offerings and reach new audiences. It’s a chance for Twitter to reaffirm its reputation as a hub of cutting-edge ideas and push the industry forward. In this rapidly growing market, Twitter advertising could be just the boost that cannabis businesses need to thrive.

Elon Musk, you have the opportunity to direct the conversation surrounding cannabis on a global scale

As the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, you have the opportunity to direct the conversation surrounding cannabis on a global scale. By allowing advertising and information about cannabis on the platform, you have the power to improve education and access for those who need it for medical purposes and generate more opportunities within the industry.

Elon Musk Has a choice to make -Twitter Can Shift the Cannabis Industry's Direction
Twitter Can Shift the Cannabis Industrys Direction

Cannabis has countless potential benefits, from relieving pain and anxiety to creating sustainable materials and fuels. By bringing this discussion to Twitter’s “town square,” you can amplify voices within the industry and facilitate difficult conversations that will ultimately lead to progress. Let’s make Twitter the central hub for all things cannabis.

Allow Cannabis Ads on Twitter.

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